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Project Description


Online Student Invoicing is an add on to your Online School Payments (OSP) and/or Online Teacher Receipting (OTR) payment solutions. OSI allows teachers and other school staff to create and track called Detailed Obligations, a school debt that can be assigned and payable by certain, individual students.

OSI is built to handle fees that need to be tracked carefully and ideally are not al a carte. A short list includes:

  • Course fees assigned by student schedule
  • Property damage
  • Summer School
  • Senior Dues

OSI powers both Online School Payments and Online Teacher Receipting. With OSP, invoices may be paid with credit card via web browser or the parent app. With OTR, invoices may be paid either in person with cash, check, and credit card.

OSI comes with a full suite of reports just for invoices, including options for paid vs outstanding invoices. We also have options to print off paper invoices to mail or automatically email them to the student once they been generated.

OSI debts can be created on the fly, imported, or automatically created via integrations with your system of record. As each school district operates differently, please email us to get recommendations on the best way to create your student debts.

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Product Information

Our Customers Say

“OSP is just awesome!  What a wonderful product that makes life easier for parents and teachers!  They are always looking to improve and make the product that much better!

Would I do it all again?  You bet!  Plus they are super nice folks to work with and share a laugh with!”

Terry K. Haas, CPA • CFO of Mooresville Graded School District NC, Assistant Executive Director of SASBO

“Ascension’s first OSMS product in 2011 was Online School Payments, which enabled the parents of our 22,000 students to pay school fees and purchase merchandise, tickets, etc. online, from the convenience of their home, 24/7/365, using their credit card.In the second year over $444,000 did not flow through our schools; by the sixth year that amount has grown to over $2.5 million! Can you see why the monthly OSP bill is “my favorite bill”?”

Diane B Allilson, CPA, CGMA, CGFO, CLSBA • Director of Business Services, Ascension Parish School Board LA

“[OSMS] is dedicated to providing creative solutions for school divisions.  [Our] school division and OSMS relationship can be appropriately described as a collaborative partnership.

The quality of OSMS is evident in the long-standing relationships with their school division clients. We appreciate OSMS.”

Lisa K. Frye • Financial Services Supervisor Loudoun County Public Schools Ashburn, VA