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Track ticket redemption at the door or merchandise pickup from the school.

- Enhanced Inventory and Product Management.
- No hardware necessary, can use barcode scanners Hosted web application compatible everywhere.
- Accept and track item redemption online and in person.
- Audit tracking and reconciliation capabilities
- Integrates with your activity fund account solution




OTM Online Ticket Management is a fully integrated solution for tracking ticket redemption at the door or merchandise pick up from the school.

With the Online Ticket Management (OTM) module, purchasing school items that require redemption is easier than ever before! Examples of where schools might want to use ticket redemption include:

  • Athletic Events, like Football
  • Musical Performances
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Dances and Student Events
  • Merchandise Pickup
  • Student Technology Programs

To enable barcode printing, the product is simply marked for ticket redemption on the initial setup by the school bookkeeper or authorized user in the Management Portal.

Tickets can only redeemed one time. Attempts to redeem a second time result in an error message. This means that if you are allowing access to events such as football games or prom, it's truly a "one ticket to one person" setup.

Barcode scanner accessories allow users to quickly scan customer tickets and receipts. Order lookup capability exists for customers without requiring smartphones or printers. Search features include order number, purchaser and student name.

OTM requires Online School Payments (OSP) and/or Online Teacher Receipting (OTR) to process the original sale of the ticket or item and generate the receipt/ticket and barcode for the customer.

Online School Payments
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